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Raw, Wildcrafted & ground into powder. 

 (More Potent than Sea Moss Gel) 


We will not jeopardize the integrity of our products and will continue using the same high quality ingredients from our suppliers, who we have been pleased with for over a decade. Thanks for your continued support!


 Two varieties of seaweed pulverized into a powder offering an abundance of trace minerals which makes up the body. The same minerals in the earth and the sea are found within our bodies. Seamoss Smoothie Blend nourishes the bones, thyroid & glands, fights bad breathe, pulmonary illnesses & respiration. Calms coughs, balances appetite, aids in digestion, effective in ulcers, aids in regulating bowels, kidneys and the heart. Sea Moss is effective against Cancer, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and cholesterol build up. High in Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Vitamins A & B complex. 


Both blends are for both male & female. Men should purchase the Seamoss Smoothie Weight Loss Blend, as it is better for the Male Reproductive system, unless you do not want to lose weight, then go with this Blend. 
Can be used as a meal or in addition to your regular meals.


Works best with an Alkaline Plant Based Vegan Diet. 


Place 1 Tablespoon per 4 cups of plant based milk/water in blender, fruit, vanilla and sweetener (if desired) (i.e.) Grade B Maple Syrup, Raw Blue Agave Nectar, Dates, Coconut Nectar, or Stevia. The fruit can be your natural sweetener.

*Recommended milks: Hemp Milk, Walnut Milk, Almond Milk or Coconut Milk.
Blend on High and Enjoy!
(See more on Seamoss Smoothie Recipe Page)

Ingredients: *Sea Moss/Irish Moss & *Kelp.


*Non GMO
16 oz.

This formulation does not include the Sea Vegetable Bladderwrack.


Consult your healthcare provider on use of herbs during pregnancy, while nursing or with prescription drugs.


Suitable for hyperthyroidism and for those who want to avoid weight-loss.


Best kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Approximately 256 servings per jar.


Sea Moss Smoothie Blend 16 oz

$60.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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