We all live under the same Sun, you might say we share the same galactic address.
So, what if one day, after 4.57 billion years without a day off, our Sun decides to call out sick???

What will happen and will a horrified Mother Earth and Miss Moon be able to convince Sun to go to work and save the day ???
By Author Deborah A. Belle

Copyright 2012 Deborah A. Belle
All rights reserved
ISBN: 0985340606
Publisher: Scribez Scarbez and Vibez (April 29, 2013)
Scribes Scarbs & Vibes
Print Length: 31 pages

The Day The Sun Called Out Sick!!!

  • " “I guess I am a writer, but I never ever thought about writing a kid’s book,” said Belle, who had been writing poems and songs since she was 7 years old. Originally from London, her mother hails from Montserrat and her father came from Grenada.

    But while in the U.S., life — specifically the difficulty of breaking into songwriting, the birth of two sons and a 9-to-5 job at a video-editing firm — put her career aspirations on hold. However, the book, published by Scribes Scarbs & Vibes, is doing well.

    In the tome, the sun, feeling ill, reaches out to Mother Earth and Ms. Moon to say he’s now going to be shining his essential rays. The book’s characters then make a concerted effort to get the sun back by focusing on its significance to the people of the planet." -NYDailyNews

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